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Ceramic Coatings 

 + Up to five years of protection                         + Repels contaminants


 + Helps  reduce swirl marks                                + 9H  hardness on MOHS scale


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What is a ceramic coating?


Ceramic Coatings are a semi-permanent polymer solution that is covalently bonded to the exterior of your vehicle.

Coatings applied correctly can not only boost paintwork gloss but can add years of protection by repelling dirt and contaminants from your vehicle. 

With the use of nanotechnology, paintwork pores are sealed by nanoscopic particles acting as a sacrificial layer. This adds an incredible layer of protection that not only produces amazing hydrophobicity but also resistant to minor swirls, UV rays and extreme chemicals.

Why not wax?

Wax and other paint sealants can also add protection to your vehicle's painted surfaces, however these products can last nowhere near as long or withstand the chemical strain as a correctly applied ceramic coating.


If you're looking for the best liquid solution to protect and enhance your vehicle, then ceramic coatings are the go-to.


Prior to coating application, the paintwork is inspected and any defects such as swirl marks and holograms are rectified through machine polishing. This results in better than factory paint finish. 

Once compounding/ polishing is complete, a liquid solvent is wiped onto to the surface of the paintwork to remove any polishing oils. 


After a solvent wipe down. the paintwork is now "naked" and completely free of any other variables that will deter the performance of the coating. Using Gtechniq's panel wipe and range of ceramic coatings, the coating is now able to chemically bond to the painted surface and achieve maximum performance and durability.

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