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Valeting Services 

We've set up a wide range of cleaning and detailing services to suit you. However, we're more than happy to listen to any requests that you may have and can provide a unique service to accommodate your personal needs.

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Good clean

From £40



Dedicated wheel cleaner.


Wheel arches cleaned and brought

to a sheen.


Pre-wash traffic film remover.


Foam shampoo using two bucket method.


Tyres degreased and applied with dressing.


Window polish.


Express wax on paintwork.

Dried with a plush microfibre

drying towel.


Rubbish collected.


Dashboard and door cards

dressed and protected.


Floor mats removed and hoovered.


Carpet and seats hoovered.


Under seating and crevice at sides

of seats hoovered.


Door sills and boot lining cleaned.


Air freshener.

Really good clean

From £70


Stage I

Iron fallout remover on bodywork.

Tar removed.

Iron fallout remover on alloys.

Alloy wheel sealant.

Radiant wax hand polish.



Stage I

Carpet shampoo.

Steering wheel degreased/ sanitized 

Leather wipe down.

Rubber door seals

dressed and protected.

The full works

From £99


Stage II

Complete body decontamination

using tar remover and clay bar. 


Thoroughgoing iron fallout remover

both bodywork and alloys.

Body panels hand polished.


High definition carnauba wax on bodywork.

Dedicated wheel sealant.

Front windscreen glass sealant.

Exhaust tips revived and polished. 


Rubber and plastic trim renovated and protected. 



Stage II


Complete interior sanitation.

Complete carpet and upholstery shampoo.


Floor mats hoovered and shampooed.


Leather cleaned and fed

with leather balm.

Anti-fog  glass sealant 


Headlining cleaned.