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It's tough out there

Our cars go through it all during the unpredictable winter months, whether it be rain, sleet, snow or road salts. This type of beating can have a drastic result on the appearance of your vehicle in the long term, such as rust and other forms of paint corrosion. The winter protection package is set up specifically to protect and maintain the appearance of your vehicle through the long, harsh winter months. 



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What's included

We make sure every square inch of your vehicle is flawless and guarded. From glass sealants to alloy wheel waxes, this ensures that your investments look their best and ultimately maintain their value.



Full wheel wash, decontaminated, waxed then finished with tyre dressing.


Wheel arches cleaned, dressed and protected.

Snow foam prewash.

Engine bay detailed and dressed.

Two bucket method with soft microfibre mitts.

Decontamination using tar remover, Iron fallout remover and clay bar.

Dried with compressed air and plush microfibre towel.

Bodywork hand polished (Paint correction upgrade available.)

Ceramic Coating applied to protect and enhance gloss (Up to 5 years protection upgrade available)

Glass polished, decontaminated and sealed to help prevent frosting over.

Wiper blades cleaned.

Rubber door seals protected to prevent and door freezes 

Steel exhaust tailpipes polished and protected.

Exterior plastic trim renovated and protected.



Interior hoovered and shampooed then protected with fabric guard.

Interior glass cleaned and protected with anti-fog

Leather cleaned and conditioned. 

Essential extras

Tyre dread depth checked.

Check battery terminal contacts are secure and free from corrosion 

Tyre pressures checked and reset.

Lights checked.

Oil and antifreeze checked.

Screenwash topped up. 

From  £130